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How Neurons Help Decipher Wine Aromas and Other Scents

Summary: Scientists unraveled how animals differentiate distinct scents, even those that seem remarkably similar. While some neurons consistently identify differing smells, others respond unpredictably, aiding in distinguishing nuanced aromas over time. This discovery, inspired by previous research on fruit flies, could enhance machine-learning models. By introducing variability, AI might mirror the discernment found in nature. …


Seventy-Year-Old Puzzle Solved – Researchers Decipher Ancient “Unknown Kushan Script”

Where the bilingual inscription was discovered in Tajikistan. The archaeologist Dr. Bobomullo Bobomulloev documented the finding in 2022 and sent pictures to the linguists at the University of Cologne, leading to the decisive breakthrough in their decipherment of the unknown Kushan script. Credit: Bobomullo Bobomulloev A team of early-career researchers from the University of Cologne …