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UEFA chiefs hold talks about introducing more lenient handball rules in the Champions League after Newcastle became the latest side outraged by harsh penalty decisions in Europe

By Matt Hughes and Kieran Gill for the Daily Mail 20:17 29 Nov 2023, updated 20:27 29 Nov 2023 UEFA could tone down their interpretation of handball laws going forward  Champions League sides have fumed about harsh penalties given this season  Was Garnacho’s overhead kick REALLY the greatest ever? Listen to the debate on It’s …


Avoid This Common Mistake – Scientists Discover Simple Tip for Making Better Decisions

A new study finds that excess information can impair decision-making. This has implications for public health, suggesting that simplified, focused information improves choices. AI chatbots could potentially personalize advice to enhance decision-making efficiency. Even minimal excess information can hinder effective decision-making according to new research at Stevens Institute of Technology. When faced with challenging choices, …