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Lyantonde leaders decry drop in condom usage

Health authorities in Lyantonde District have decried the declining condom usage among residents, although the HIV/Aids prevalence rate remains high.The district health officer, Dr Moses Nkanika said before coronavirus outbreak in 2020, at least 65 percent of the condoms supplied in the district were being used but the number has since worryingly dropped to 35 …


EXCLUSIVE: Sex-change doc unveils radical new transgender surgery – swapping the male and female genitalia between two trans patients at the same time – as colleagues decry ‘huge risks’ of procedure

A top sex-change surgeon says he’s gearing up for a radical new procedure — swapping over the genitals of a male and female patient in a single operation, can reveal.  Dr Miroslav Djordjevic, who works at New York City‘s Mount Sinai hospital and in his native Serbia, says he’s honed his technique for 15 years …


students and professors decry sensors in buildings

Staff members and students protest outside the Lipsius building at Leiden University in the Netherlands in December 2021.Credit: Marc de Haan In April, staff members in the Bancroft building at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) received an e-mail telling them that sensors were going to be installed in their offices. Stuart Grieve, a geographer …