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Scientists Caught Sperm Defying One of The Major Laws of Physics : ScienceAlert

With their whip-like tails, human sperm propel themselves through viscous fluids, seemingly in defiance of Newton’s third law of motion, according to a new study that characterizes the motion of these sex cells and single-celled algae. Kenta Ishimoto, a mathematical scientist at Kyoto University, and colleagues investigated these non-reciprocal interactions in sperm and other microscopic …


Defying the “Impossible” – Reversing Paralysis Through Spinal Cord Regeneration

Whole spinal cord visualization of regenerating projections from the lower thoracic spinal cord that project to walking execution centers. Credit: EPFL / .Neurorestore Scientists at .NeuroRestore, Switzerland, report in Science that they have developed a gene therapy that was proven in mice to stimulate nerve regrowth across spinal cord injuries and guide nerves to reconnect …