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US Military’s ‘Most Secretive’ Spacecraft, X-37B, Launched On A Falcon Heavy Rocket, Delayed By A Few Days

In a recent announcement, the US Space Force said that the much-anticipated launch of the mysterious X-37B spacecraft has been postponed from its original schedule.  The launch of the X-37B under the mission codenamed ‘USSF-52’ has been postponed from December 7 to December 10.  The US Space Force said in a statement, “The Department of …


Bid to scrap tolls for Tamar crossings delayed

Image caption, The owners of the Tamar Bridge face high inflation, interest rates, and escalating energy costs Article information Author, Lee Trewhela Role, Local Democracy Reporting Service 28 November 2023 Tolls for crossing the River Tamar between Cornwall and Plymouth will continue after a motion to scrap them was delayed. A motion to Cornwall Council …