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Top Turkish dentist hits back at critics: ‘Brits have the world’s WORST teeth thanks to failing NHS dental care and thousands come to us in desperation

Dr Gülay Akay says 60 per cent of patients in her hospital are desperate Britons Foreign scare stories allegedly driven by UK dentists who bill ‘exorbitant’ fees At first, back in 2019, just a trickle of British patients came through the doors of our dental hospital in Turkey. Most were desperate and in agony. Years …


Jean-Claude Blanc is the Harvard graduate nicknamed the ‘Lionel Messi of sports business’… the son of a dentist turned Juventus around after a match-fixing scandal and made PSG a flawed powerhouse

As far as testimonies go, few come more complimentary for Jean-Claude Blanc than the words of Nice CEO Fabrice Boquet.  ‘He is a bit like the Lionel Messi of sports business,’ he told L’Equipe.  ‘It is not only a question of expertise but of interpersonal skills. He brings his vision, his network, his calm, his …


Dentist issues severe warning against sipping on WATER all day – revealing how ‘healthy’ habit can actually cause serious damage to your TEETH

A dentist has shared why sipping on water throughout the day could ruin your teeth – and why you should let your saliva interact with your gums.  Dr. Ellie Phillips frequently shares her tips and tricks to looking after your pearly whites on her TikTok account, where she boasts more than 218,000 followers. Most recently, the Austin, …