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“Chill Factor” – The Volcanic Plot Twist in Dinosaur Extinction

Recent research suggests that volcanic eruptions, causing global cooling, significantly contributed to the dinosaurs’ extinction, challenging the long-held belief that a meteorite was the sole cause. McGill researchers challenge the current understanding of dinosaur extinction by unearthing a link between volcanic eruptions and climate change. What wiped out the dinosaurs? A meteorite plummeting to Earth …


They looked like ordinary tourists in Ibiza but it was all an elaborate plot – Liverpool Echo

They looked like ordinary tourists in Ibiza but it was all an elaborate plot  Liverpool Echo Devon and Cornwall ‘friends and family’ gang smashed by police  Devon Live Exmouth drug dealer who joined £1.38 million gang is jailed  Exmouth Journal ‘Burns OCG’ who trafficked £1.4m of drugs across UK hid cocaine in McDonald’s bag  Liverpool Echo Organised crime gang …


ITV denies advertising boycott plot to cancel Farage as GB News star sees decline in on-screen action

ITV has denied Nigel Farage’s decline in airtime is a result of pressure from advertisers, GB News has learned. It’s been reported that key scenes involving Farage have purposefully not made it to the final edit of the show – including what would’ve undoubtedly been an unmissable debate about US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Sources …