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Climate action or distraction? Sweeping COP pledges won’t touch fossil fuel use – POLITICO

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A torrent of pollution-slashing pledges from governments and major oil companies sparked cries of “greenwashing” on Saturday, even before world leaders had boarded their flights home from this year’s global climate conference.   After leaders wrapped two days of speeches filled with high-flying rhetoric and impassioned pleas for action, the Emirati …


You won’t win the next arms race – POLITICO

The U.S. won’t win the next arms race against Moscow, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said. “If the U.S. expects to win another arms race … then the Americans are mistaken,” Ryabkov said in an interview with Russian state-run daily Izvestia, published Wednesday. “We will not give in to provocations, which are typical of American policy …


Israel accuses Spain, Belgium leaders of backing ‘terrorism’ after Gaza remarks – POLITICO

Israel lashed out at the leaders of Spain and Belgium for their comments about the situation in the Gaza Strip, labelling the remarks “false statements” made “in support of terrorism.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “strongly condemns the comments” by Spanish Prime Ministers Pedro Sánchez and Belgian leader Alexander De Croo during a visit Friday …


Euroskeptics applaud shock Wilders win in Dutch election – POLITICO

Europe’s far-right politicians are lining up to congratulate the anti-Islam, Euroskeptic radical Geert Wilders on his shock victory in Wednesday’s Dutch parliamentary elections. Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Rally, said she was “delighted” by Wilders’ triumph. “Geert Wilders and his movement are allies of the National Rally,” Le Pen told French public …