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Experts warn trend that sees people ingest others’ poo in hopes of curing ailments has ‘significant risks’

Experts warn DIY faecal transplants should only be done by a specialist doctor If the donation is not tested for diseases, infections can be ‘life-threatening’ Poo transplants are offered to patients suffering debilitating gut conditions. But people the hopes that the treatment could cure a swathe of other conditions has led to a surge in …


Woolly-rhino genome emerges from cave hyena’s fossilized poo

Fossilized poo never stops surprising. By analysing droppings from extinct hyenas, palaeontologists have reconstructed DNA from an ice-age woolly rhino1. Access options Access Nature and 54 other Nature Portfolio journals Get Nature+, our best-value online-access subscription £14.99 / 30 days cancel any time Subscribe to this journal Receive 51 print issues and online access £199.00 per year …