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The truth about ‘marble’ poos

WHEN it comes to poop consistency, doctors consider the gold standard to be long, soft and sausage shaped. Not only is it easier to pass, it also indicates that you’re eating enough fibre and not constipated. Small, marble-like poos could be a sign that you’re constipatedCredit: Getty – Contributor While hot dogs and snakes are …


The truth about ‘caterpillar’ poos

IF your poo resembles a caterpillar, you’re probably constipated. A long, bumpy stool, which is hard to pass, indicates you’re not getting enough fibre and at risk of painful complications, experts warn. ‘Caterpillar poos’ indicate constipation, experts sayCredit: Getty NHS GP Sarah Jarvis said: “Your poo can definitely say a lot about your bowel health. …