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Billy Porter says being alive is ‘an accomplishment’ after he became HIV positive, diabetic and bankrupt over five months during ‘the worst year of his life’

Billy Porter has opened up on the ‘worst year of his life’ after he was diagnosed with diabetes, filed for bankruptcy and became HIV positive over the course of five months in 2007. The Pose star, 54, candidly admitted that he survived ‘a lot of trauma’ after coming out at 16 years old and grew …


Jorgie Porter says she feels ‘vulnerable’ following attempted burglary while her fiancé Oliver Piotrowski was left ‘unable to sleep’

Jorgie Porter has been left feeling ‘vulnerable’ and her fiancé Oliver Piotrowski was ‘unable to sleep’ after burglars attempted to break in to her home.  Speaking to MailOnline at the Michael Josephson MBE Charity ball in Manchester this week, the actress, 35, who has an eight-month-old son, recalled the terrifying experience.  Two weeks ago criminals cut the cables and …