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Contestants on Netflix’s real-life Squid Game ‘suffered hypothermia and nerve damage after being stuck in painful stress positions for hours in freezing temperatures’ while filming

Two contestants on show allegedly ‘suffered hypothermia and nerve damage’ Contestants on Netflix‘s real-life Squid Game allegedly ‘suffered hypothermia and nerve damage’ because of the show. Express Solicitors said two of its clients who were on the show ‘suffered injuries such as hypothermia and nerve damage… after being stuck in painful stress positions for hours …


China and Russia harden positions on Gaza as war stirs geopolitical tensions | Israel-Hamas war

Israel-Hamas war Conflict highlights growing gulf with west, as other big developing powers face difficult diplomatic choices Mon 16 Oct 2023 15.47 BST China and Russia have hardened their positions towards the conflict in Gaza in recent days, as the war between Israel and Hamas aggravates existing geopolitical tensions and underscores the growing gulf between …


How the world’s most indestructible bulldozer will spearhead IDF’s invasion of Gaza and tackle its labyrinth of tunnels, booby-traps and sniper positions

As the Israeli army masses forces in preparation for a full-scale invasion of Gaza, its troops prepare to face a maze of narrow streets, vast tunnel networks, booby traps, and sniper positions.  In this urban environment, the D9R armoured bulldozer, affectionately nicknamed Doobi or ‘Teddy Bear’, will be essential for a successful assault. A ground operation …