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Our Christmas has been totally ruined after cruel burglars broke into our home and stole our most-treasured possessions

A COUPLE says they are devastated after burglars broke into their home and stole treasured possessions ruining their Christmas. Adele Parker, 34, and Dean Bowman 35, were the victims of theft after burglars broke into their home in Durham. Adele says the burglars had searched other rooms looking for anything valuableCredit: NCJMedia The couple who …


‘Our Christmas isn’t going to be the same’: Family’s devastation as burglars raid home and steal treasured possessions

A couple have been left devastated after cruel burglars raided their home and helped themselves to treasured possessions just weeks before Christmas. Adele Parker and Dean Bowman were horrified when they returned on Monday evening to to find the intruders had prised open their bedroom window and rifled through their belongings. Among the items stolen …


How David Cameron’s ex-socialite lover Laura Adshead fought back from addiction to become a NUN, praying six times a day and working in abbey dairy after giving up all her worldly possessions

By Caroline Graham and Sharon Churcher 17:18 18 Nov 2023, updated 18:11 18 Nov 2023 EXCLUSIVE: Laura Adshead became Mother John Mary at the Abbey of Regina Laudis  Her once-luxuriant blonde hair is cropped short, hidden beneath a traditional nun’s wimple. Our picture shows the moment when former socialite Laura Adshead took her ‘final, solemn, …