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Vile moment pro-Palestine activist declares she’s ‘cleaning the s*** off the street’ as she tears down posters of kidnapped Israeli children in North London

Footage shows Anna Laurini ripping the posters off bridge wall in Primrose Hill This is the vile moment a pro-Palestine activist declares she is ‘cleaning the s*** off the street’ as she tears down posters of kidnapped Israeli children in North London, before allegedly making an antisemitic remark at a passerby. Footage shows Anna Laurini …


‘It’s like a fire in the world’: how the Israeli ‘kidnapped’ posters set off a phenomenon and a backlash | Israel-Hamas war

Israel-Hamas war Nitzan Mintz and Dede Bandaid shared flyers online that have been plastered and torn down globally amidst the war in Gaza Fri 10 Nov 2023 11.00 GMT The visual poet and the graffiti artist never expected to set off a global phenomenon and then a furious backlash. Walkouts, rallies, clashes: Israel-Gaza ‘war of …


EXCLUSIVE: Iranian group puts up recruitment posters for suicide bombers willing to attack targets in Israel

A hard-line Iranian group has been actively recruiting potential suicide bombers for operations in Israel, images seen by MailOnline reveal. The group responsible for this recruitment drive, Hezbollah, different from the Lebanese militant group with the same name, has initiated a campaign in the southeastern Iranian city of Mashhad, a significant place in Shia Islam. …


Met Police release WANTED posters of pro-Palestinian protestors after thousands staged mass demonstrations

The Met Police have published a number of wanted posters for pro-Palestine campaigners after several incidents took place during protests this month. Officers have issued images of those they want to speak to following demonstrations across London. It comes after thousands of protesters took to the streets after the Israel-Hamas war broke out last month. …