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Air hostess accidentally poured BOILING hot coffee onto my lap… my legs were burned so badly I had to stand for the entire nine-hour flight

EXCLUSIVE: Tracy Rawlins, 55 from Warwickshire, had hot coffee spilt on her leg She said a flight attendant spilled it on her on return flight from Caribbean cruise A mother’s dream £5,000 Caribbean cruise was ruined when she claims a flight attendant poured ‘boiling hot coffee’ onto her lap – burning between her legs so …


Woman, 81, who poured her own urine onto the patio of her neighbour’s £5 million Chelsea home as often as three times a day is convicted of harassment

Janine Mackinlay was convicted of harassing Mr and Mrs De Brauwere Brozler  Her trained nose has given Anastasia De Brauwere Brozler a sought-after skill in the perfume industry. But it also added to her torment when she became the victim of an elderly neighbour who repeatedly threw urine on to the patio of the perfumer’s £5million …