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Scientists discover new ‘drug-like’ molecule for anti-aging that keeps cell’s ‘powerhouse’ healthy

A new compound found in plants could lead to anti-aging treatments It  boosts a cell’s garbage and recycling center that slow with age READ MORE: Experts hail health benefits of fasting for 14 hours a day  Scientists have discovered a new ‘drug-like’ molecule that seems to slow aging by keeping cells ‘powerhouse’ healthy. A Buck Institute in California …


Jean-Claude Blanc is the Harvard graduate nicknamed the ‘Lionel Messi of sports business’… the son of a dentist turned Juventus around after a match-fixing scandal and made PSG a flawed powerhouse

As far as testimonies go, few come more complimentary for Jean-Claude Blanc than the words of Nice CEO Fabrice Boquet.  ‘He is a bit like the Lionel Messi of sports business,’ he told L’Equipe.  ‘It is not only a question of expertise but of interpersonal skills. He brings his vision, his network, his calm, his …