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Baby mongooses constantly under threat from rival factions are MORE likely to survive and escape predators because their parents become extra vigilant, study reveals

  Dwarf mongoose troops will fight with nearby rivals Surprisingly, more conflict is linked to higher survival rates among pups Scientists say it could be because fighting makes adults more alert  War as a destructive force isn’t exclusive to humans. Lions fight for dominance of the pride, and rival chimpanzee factions have been known to …


Giant dinosaur carcasses might have been important food sources for Jurassic predators

This article has been reviewed according to Science X’s editorial process and policies. Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content’s credibility: fact-checked peer-reviewed publication trusted source proofread Ok! Photograph of the skeletal mount of Allosaurus specimen AMNH 5753, from William Diller Matthew’s 1915 Dinosaurs. Credit: Project Gutenberg e-book, Wikimedia Commons, CC0 ( × …


Is Britain ready for an invasion of giant Asian hornets? Pest killers battling plague of predators on the Channel Island of Guernsey warn they could overwhelm UK if authorities don’t act

EXCLUSIVE: 74 confirmed sightings in UK since 2016 – including 69 nests Now bug hunters in Guernsey say the aggressive insects pose real threat to UK  An Asian hornet hit squad has warned the UK could be overwhelmed by the aggressive insects if authorities don’t act fast. Francis Russell, Asian Hornet Strategy Coordinator for the …