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Doctors finally solve the mystery of the link between bacterial vaginosis and premature births in landmark study

By Caitlin Tilley, Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com 22:04 29 Nov 2023, updated 22:30 29 Nov 2023 Researchers looked at human cells that line the vagina and found vital clues In BV, bacteria releases enzymes that partially destroy protective molecules READ MORE: Sexual health doctor reveals thing you should NEVER do during sex Doctors think they …


Premature death of 80m chickens raises concerns over UK’s fast-growing breeds | Animal welfare

More than 80 million chickens died before reaching slaughter weight in the UK last year, with mortality rates the highest for at least a decade, reveal official figures. Animal welfare organisations say the fast-growing chicken breeds that dominate production have higher mortality rates, lameness and muscle disease than slower-growing breeds. They are calling on retailers …