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Politicians, experts, and patient representatives call for the UK government to reverse the rate of antidepressant prescribing

James Davies, associate professor of medical anthropology and psychology1, John Read, chair2, Danny Kruger, member of parliament and chair3, Nigel Crisp, co-chair3, Norman Lamb, former member of parliament and minister for care and support4, Michael Dixon, chair5, Sam Everington, general practitioner, vice president, deputy chair56, Sheila Hollins, emeritus professor of psychiatry, independent life peer78, Joanna …


National Patient Safety Alert: Valproate: organisations to prepare for new regulatory measures for oversight of prescribing to new patients and existing female patients (NatPSA/2023/013/MHRA)

Date of Issue: 28 November 2023 Reference No: NatPSA/2023/013/MHRA This alert is for action by: Integrated Care Boards (in England), Health Boards (in Scotland), Health Boards (in Wales), and Health and Social Care Trusts (in Northern Ireland). This is a safety critical and complex National Patient Safety Alert. Implementation should be coordinated by an executive …


Scot with cystic fibrosis ‘horrified’ over draft proposal to stop prescribing ‘miracle’ drug

A Scot with cystic fibrosis has been left ‘horrified’ after draft guidance revealed proposed plans to stop recommending a ‘miracle’ drug. Jordy Joans, from Edinburgh, suffered a collapsed lung in 2013 before being recommended for a transplant in 2017 after catching the flu. The 28-year-old says their life was turned around when they were eventually …


Calls for strategy on ‘social prescribing’ in England amid youth mental health crisis | Mental health

Mental health Every pound spent helping children get community support could save nearly twice as much in long term, says Barnardo’s report Every pound spent on helping young people access activities and support in the community could save nearly twice as much in dealing with longer-term mental health problems, according to new analysis. The children’s …