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US F16 Vs Chinese JF17 New Argentine President Milei To Ditch China For “Civilised Side Of World”? – CRUX

US F16 Vs Chinese JF17 New Argentine President Milei To Ditch China For “Civilised Side Of World”?  CRUX Argentinian unions plan to fight against Javier Milei’s radical reforms  The Telegraph What’s next for Argentina’s economy? | World Business Watch  WION IMF’s Georgieva, Argentina’s Milei Discussed Economic Challenges  Bloomberg The next president of Argentina will upend all your prejudices about …


Falkland Islands sovereignty not up for debate, UK warns after Argentina’s new president vows to ‘get them back’ | Politics News

Javier Milei, who was elected in Argentina’s presidential election on Sunday, has said Buenos Aires had “non-negotiable” sovereignty over the Falklands, known as Islas Malvinas by Argentines. By Samuel Osborne, News reporter @samuelosborne93 Wednesday 22 November 2023 03:08, UK There is “no doubt” the Falkland Islands are British, Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson has said, after Argentina’s …


Far-right populist Javier Milei becomes Argentina’s new president

The people of Argentina have spoken: TV celebrity-turned politician Javier Milei will be the next leader of South America’s second-largest economy. ADVERTISEMENT Javier Milei won Argentina’s presidential election on Sunday night, beating opponent Economy Minister Sergio Massa with 55.69% against 44.31% of votes. The far-right libertarian populist won all but three of the nation’s 24 provinces and …