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three children stabbed near primary school

At least three young children have been stabbed near a primary school in Dublin. Five people have been taken to hospital, according to the police, including three young children, a man and a woman. One of the children, a girl, has sustained serious injuries, as has the woman, police added, and the other two children …


I’m a furious primary school teacher… why should I change a six-year-old’s nappy just because their middle-class mums are ‘too busy’ to teach them to use the loo?

By Samantha Brick for the Daily Mail 00:00 16 Nov 2023, updated 00:43 16 Nov 2023 At the primary school where I work, one harried mum recently forgot to drop off her son’s spare set of clothes and some nappies. She promised she’d return within the hour, but 90 minutes later there was still no …