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Thousands of Years Ago, a Woman Underwent Two Surgeries to Her Head–and Survived Both Procedures

A Copper Age woman underwent two separate surgical procedures that left two overlapping holes in her skull. (Image credit Sonia Díaz-Navarro et al. via Live Science) Researchers don’t know why, but a late-Neolithic, early-Copper Age woman underwent two cranial surgeries throughout her adult life—newly found archaeological remains from Spain have revealed. Imagine for a moment …


X Factor icon unveils the results of a nose job, cheek lift and hair transplant and reveals plans for more surgery after undergoing 24 cosmetic procedures

X Factor star Christopher Maloney has gone under the knife yet again after jetting to Poland for an array of cosmetic procedures.  The 45-year-old singer soared to fame when he reached the final of the ITV singing competition in 2012 but has overhauled his appearance in recent years.  For his latest round of surgery, Christopher …