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Former PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden Says It’s ‘Criminal’ Industry Isn’t Properly Preserving Games

Image: AP/Shutterstock Shawn Layden served as chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment World Studios, now known as PlayStation Studios, for years and was hugely influential in shaping the current PlayStation landscape. He’s also a digital soothsayer of sorts who foresaw the industry’s dark future with remarkable clarity. He tried to warn us of the rising cost …


First-ever space debris fine issued after company fails to ‘properly de-orbit satellite’ | US News

Satellite TV provider DISH will pay $150,000 for failing to properly de-orbit its EchoStar-7 satellite, America’s Federal Communications Commission says. Monday 2 October 2023 21:34, UK A company has been fined by the US government for leaving junk in space. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued its first space debris enforcement fine, saying the company …


Russia-Ukraine war live: Moscow launches massive strikes overnight; Zaporizhzhia plant ‘not properly monitored’ says Greenpeace | Ukraine

Aid money for Ukraine has become a bargaining chip for US congressional Republicans, as lawmakers negotiate on a bill to extend government funding beyond the end of the month and avoid a government shutdown. The House speaker, Kevin McCarthy, said that he would not support the part of the bill that addresses funding for Ukraine …