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The Role of Protein Misfolding in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Summary: Neurodegenerative diseases share a common factor: protein misfolding and deposits in the brain. Misfolded proteins can lead to toxic activity or the loss of the protein’s physiological function, causing damage to neurons. Recent research explores the cross-seeding phenomenon, where misfolded proteins in one disease can induce the aggregation of others. The study specifically focuses …


How much protein is too much protein? It depends on your age, weight, height and other factors

Protein serves as crucial component for bodily functions, contributing to hormonal regulation, muscle building Pieces of 3D printed plant-based vegan meat, produced by Israeli start-up Redefine Meat, are displayed at SIAL food and innovation exhibition in Villepinte, near Paris, France October 19, 2022. — Reuters High-protein diets have become a nutritional trend, yet …


The Path to Prolonged Youth? Scientists Identify Key Protein for Healthy Aging

Recent research indicates that the CD300f immune receptor significantly impacts mice’s lifespan and aging process, with its absence leading to early aging symptoms and cognitive decline, especially in females. This discovery opens new avenues for understanding aging and Alzheimer’s disease, highlighting the importance of immune system changes in these processes. Recent research published in the …