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Pixar’s Up PSP game has been rated for PS5, but fans say there are better titles than this in Sony’s Vault

Disney Pixar’s PSP title, Up, is coming to PlayStation’s Classics Catalogue. That’s according to Gematsu, which noted that the 2009 adventure game had recently popped up in Taiwan and was rated for PS4 and PS5 by the Taiwanese ratings board. Disney Pixar’s UP FULL GAME 100% Longplay (PS2, PSP, PC) There’s been no formal confirmation …


Promising Targets Discovered for Rare Brain Disorder PSP

Summary: Researchers have identified new therapeutic targets for progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), an incurable brain disorder with symptoms mimicking Parkinson’s and dementia. The study focused on RNA sequencing from brain samples of over 400 individuals. By analyzing almost 5,000 genes linked with PSP, the team prioritized 11 high-confidence genes. Reducing levels of DDR2, KANK2, and …