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Doctors discover woman’s severe psychosis that led to her trying to murder her parents is down to GLUTEN

A WOMAN tried to murder her parents after being struck by psychosis because of a gluten intolerance, doctors have revealed. The 37-year-old, from Massachusetts, was working on her PhD when she began suffering severe hallucinations and paranoia. A woman tried to murder her parents because of a gluten intolerance, doctors have revealedCredit: Getty Dr Maureen …


Mapping Psychosis Reveals The Brain’s Epicentre of Schizophrenia

Summary: Researchers charted the brain’s response to psychosis, specifically how it spreads, revealing potential therapeutic targets. Their study, which examined 534 individuals across various stages of psychosis, identified the hippocampus as an initial site of change. Utilizing MRI technology, the team observed that grey matter changes due to psychosis aren’t random but follow structural connections, …