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RNA’s Pivotal Role in Fear Memory and PTSD Treatment

Summary: Researchers have revealed a groundbreaking role of RNA in fear-related learning and memory. Their study shows how noncoding RNA Gas5 influences neuronal excitability, impacting learning and memory processes. Another study identified m6A-modified RNAs that regulate synaptic plasticity, crucial for fear extinction memory, a key factor in PTSD. These findings offer new insights into RNA’s …


Brain Activity in PTSD: Trauma Memories Differ from Sad Ones

Summary: A new study reveals distinct differences in brain activity between traumatic memories in PTSD patients and regular sad autobiographical memories. This research, the first of its kind to examine real-life personal memories, found that traumatic memories do not activate typical memory-related brain regions like the hippocampus, suggesting they’re not processed as regular memories. Instead, …


Cortisol’s Role in PTSD Vulnerability

Summary: Researchers discovered how stress-induced hormones like cortisol influence the likelihood of developing PTSD. Using a rat model with a blunted hormonal response to stress, they observed impaired fear extinction, reduced hippocampal volume, and sleep disturbances, all traits associated with PTSD. Treatment combining cognitive therapy with corticosterone helped alleviate these symptoms, offering insights into potential …


Microbiome and Diet Could Mitigate PTSD Symptoms

Summary: Researchers explored the potential link between the Mediterranean diet, the gut microbiome, and PTSD symptoms. Their study, involving 191 participants, revealed that those following a Mediterranean diet exhibited fewer PTSD symptoms. A notable discovery was the presence of Eubacterium eligens, a bacteria positively associated with key components of the Mediterranean diet, which showed consistent …