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Are you among one in five people who have been making beans on toast all wrong? Heinz forced to publish step-by-step guide after Brits bungle classic meal

Almost half of Brits – 43 per cent – eat baked beans at least once a week Heinz has been forced to publish a step-by-step guide for making baked beans on toast after Brits bungle the classic meal.  Fan of the classic dish have been left shocked after Heinz revealed the recipe for making the perfect …


NASA to publish long-awaited UFO report

The US space agency announced last year it was reviewing evidence regarding unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAPs — which has replaced the term “UFO” in official parlance. The subject has long fascinated the public but was shunned by mainstream science. An independent team of 16 researchers shared their preliminary observations in May, finding that existing …


Meghan Markle ‘is writing her memoirs and will publish them in money-spinning tell-all book’ like Harry’s Spare, royal author claims

Royal expert Tom Bower made the revelations  Meghan Markle ‘is writing her memoirs’ and will document the details of her life in a ‘money-spinning tell-all book’, a royal author has claimed. Royal expert Tom Bower, who penned Revenge: Meghan and Harry and the war between the Windsors, revealed the news on the Duchess’s next career …