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The West must derail Putin’s sham elections

During the Cold War, the US undermined the Soviet Union with influence operations through soft power such as jazz music, rock-n-roll, and modern art. With the rise of nationalism inside Russia this will not do the trick again. Instead, we should play into Russia’s nationalistic sentiments. Reminding the Russians that it’s Putin who stole the …


Russian mother-of-three ‘plotting Putin’s downfall’ as she stands in election | World | News

Mother of three, Yekaterina Duntsova is running in Russia’s presidential election (Image: A mother of three in Russia has entered the race against Vladimir Putin for the 2024 presidential election. Political outsider, Ekaterina Duntsova, 40, comes into the contest with no experience in Russian politics and no ties to the established parties. Duntsova’s platform …


Putin’s future under threat as Ukraine advances in the East | Scott Lucas – Times Radio

Putin’s future under threat as Ukraine advances in the East | Scott Lucas  Times Radio With Talk Of A Stalemate And Potential Elections, Politics Seeps Back Into Wartime Ukraine  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Ukraine’s top general believes technology can defeat Putin’s Russia  Atlantic Council Russia-Ukraine war: Russia facing ‘solidarity fatigue’ in Ukraine? | World News | …


The recent move in support of Ukraine that Putin’s ally warned could spark World War III | World | News

Dmitry Medvedev is one of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies (Image: GETTY) Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev issued yet another warning to Ukraine‘s allies. In an article he penned for Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a newspaper serving as the official gazette of the Russian government, Mr Medvedev argued Poland‘s support to its invaded neighbour may trigger clashes with …