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Do we live in a giant void? That could solve the puzzle of the universe’s expansion, research suggests

This article has been reviewed according to Science X’s editorial process and policies. Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content’s credibility: fact-checked trusted source written by researcher(s) proofread Ok! Credit: Pablo Carlos Budassi/wikipedia, CC BY-SA × close Credit: Pablo Carlos Budassi/wikipedia, CC BY-SA One of the biggest mysteries in cosmology is the rate …


Ten New Species of Trilobites Discovered in Ancient Ash Reveal Missing Pieces of World Puzzle

UC Riverside Ten newly discovered species of trilobites, hidden for 490 million years in a little-studied part of Thailand, could be the missing pieces in an intricate puzzle of ancient world geography. Trilobites are extinct sea creatures with half-moon-shaped heads that breathed through their legs. A 100-page article in the British journal offers great detail …


Two sisters’ genetic puzzle leads to potential breakthrough in our understanding of Parkinson’s disease

In a groundbreaking discovery published in the journal Neuron, scientists have challenged a long-held belief about the origins of Parkinson’s disease, shedding new light on this debilitating neurological condition. Their research suggests that the malfunctioning of synapses, the tiny gaps that allow neurons to communicate with each other, might be a trigger for Parkinson’s disease. …


Rare planet may be missing piece in the puzzle of how other worlds are formed | Science | News

Pictured: An artist’s impression of TOI-733b (Image: NASA) Astronomers studying a planet 245 light-years from Earth believe they may have found the missing piece in a long-standing puzzle surrounding how other worlds are formed. Typically, exoplanets fall into one of two categories based on their size. “Super-Earths” are typically no more than around 1.5 times …


Seventy-Year-Old Puzzle Solved – Researchers Decipher Ancient “Unknown Kushan Script”

Where the bilingual inscription was discovered in Tajikistan. The archaeologist Dr. Bobomullo Bobomulloev documented the finding in 2022 and sent pictures to the linguists at the University of Cologne, leading to the decisive breakthrough in their decipherment of the unknown Kushan script. Credit: Bobomullo Bobomulloev A team of early-career researchers from the University of Cologne …