The Chrome Web Store is a great place to find extensions, but it’s also an element of the world’s most popular browser that’s easy to forget about. Now, though, Google has launched a completely redesigned Chrome Web Store.

Update 11/20: Google has officially launched the new Chrome Web Store, with the redesign having now completely replaced the original look for all users. The radical redesign also arrived shortly after Google launched the new Material Design-inspired look for Chrome.

In a post on The Keyword, Google says:

The new Chrome Web Store is officially open for business. Previously available in a limited preview, anyone can now access the redesigned store to easily find Chrome extensions and themes.

Our original coverage from August follows.

Live now, a “preview” version of the Chrome Web Store can be accessed by virtually anyone, introducing a radical redesign compared to the existing Web Store design. The new preview version is visible at, while the current Web Store defaults to

The redesigned Chrome Web Store – the last notable update in recent memory was in 2018 – picks up a look that’s much more modern and close to the Play Store’s recent web revamp. There’s a rotating list of highlighted extensions and themes on the “Discover” homepage, with categories, recommendations, and more below that.

Comparing the opening page on the two iterations of the Web Store, the difference is immediately apparent.

Beyond that, there are new tabs for “Extensions” and “Themes,” which also include plenty of sectionized recommendations, as well as a “Featured” banner at the top of the page.

Google first announced the revamped Web Store in a brief post that went under the radar last week. There’s no word from Google in that post on when this new design might take over as the default, but in a developer-focused post, it’s mentioned that users will be “encouraged” to try the new store over the coming weeks.

We’re excited to give you a preview of our redesigned Chrome Web Store to make searching for fresh themes and extensions easier. The changes include a modernized interface, personalized extensions, and curated recommendations.

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