A recent Q&A with Sledgehammer Games has revealed plenty of things coming to MW3 including a return of Killstreak looping.

It’s been two weeks since MW3 launched, bringing fans to 2009’s Modern Warfare 2’s legacy maps with new gameplay bells and whistles. While the launch hasn’t been flawless, Sledgehammer Games has remained exceptionally communicative on what the future holds for MW3.

The studio just held a Q&A session on Reddit, where members of the team interacted with the community to discuss glaring issues. Aside from the wave of SMM-related questions, good information was shared discussing where Sledgehammer Games stands on player concerns.

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One change the studio may look to address involves Kill/Scorestreaks and may see the return of “looping Killstreaks.”

Sledgehammer Games hints MW3 Killstreaks may return

Since CoD 4: Modern Warfare, the Killstreak system has been one of CoD’s most rewarding systems. As the name implies, racking up long streaks of kills will reward you with in-game equipment, such as UAVs or even Juggernauts, to turn the tide in your favor.

CoD has seen various shifts over time, with the Killstreak system converting into a Scorestreak system to reward players who play the objective. However, the most recent change to the system came in Modern Warfare 2019, as players could no longer “loop Killstreaks” meaning they’d have to die to earn a fresh set of Killstreaks.

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MW3 features that same mentality, and during the Q&A session, a player asked the developers if they plan on changing that.

Sledgehammer Games replied to JuggerClutch’s comment with a rather interesting reply, as the devs stated it’s something they’ll look to implement in the Experimental Playlists.

The previously mentioned mode is something the studio revealed recently as a means of trying new gameplay features to judge player feedback. The first playlist introduced red outlines on players to aid player visibility.

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With MW3 fresh off its launch, don’t expect this feature to be tested anytime soon. However, it’s been a breath of fresh air to see how Sledgehammer is handling its first CoD title in two years since the launch of Vanguard.

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